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A few important words on hunting

We do not want to prayerfully humble phrases here to pacify or gloss over, but briefly and factually describe why hunting in and for Namibia is so important - for the people and the game.

From time immemorial, hunting in Africa has become a way of life. On the one hand for the natural procurement of food, but also for the preservation of healthy and species-rich wild stocks, e.g. by the killing of sick or decrepit game. At times, too high stocks or damage caused by game require a reduction through hunting.

Trophy hunting as such can be described as a positive side effect. If a hunting guest kills a "mature" (age, weight, etc.) trophy bearer, it simply brings money. The proceeds go back to different projects for the conservation of wildlife and habitats, to ensure the livelihood and the jobs of all those who work in this area. Absolutely not to forget are the measures for the fight against poaching.

Every farmer in Namibia tries as hard as possible to protect "his" game populations from commercial poaching. Contrary to the opinion of supposed conservationists, in many African countries where there is less or no hunt, stocks are threatened far more than in other countries. Thus, a sustainable and conscientious hunting undoubtedly serves the preservation of African wildlife.


Gerhard Liedtke
Big Game Professional Hunter

The hunt for Okondura - Our principles

Sustainability and ethics are very important to us. We want to preserve the nature in a balanced relationship with their game and therefore have made ethically clean and sustainable hunting a priority. Therefore, we strictly follow the guidelines of the Erongo Directory, and are members of the Okawie Conservancy, a herding community made up of approximately 200,000 ha of total area. It is hunted in addition to the natural food only on mature and "suitable" game. 
There are no game fences on Okondura.

The existing fences are mainly for cattle and can be easily be crossed by all kinds of game. Our philosophy is to hunt for truly free game, which can evade us at any time by emigration or flight. This implies that the requirements of the skill of the hunter are quite high. But in retrospect, the joy of the hard-fought hunting success is even higher.

Hunt with us on Okondura and get experiences that stay sustainable.

Hunting on Okondura - free land, free game

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