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Active Hunting on Okondura

Sit up when needed.


The main hunting species on Okondura is the stalk. In the early morning or in the late afternoon it is called "departure for the hunt". To cover the long distances, we usually start with the SUV in the hunting area. To give us an overview, it is often first on a mountain or hill, where we can survey the landscape and mostly already made wild . If game comes into view, there is a saying:  "If the game does not come to us, we have to go there".



Exciting stalking in the Okondura mountains for the strong and mature Kudu Bull.

The Offfer


Oryx & Zebra

Oryx and mountain zebra is one of our most demanding and exciting hunting species!

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Three antelopes

Steenbuck, Duiker, Springbuck: exciting and not to be underestimated is the hunt for the smaller antelopes.

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We go over hills, through bush or through open grasslands. Appropriate light equipment and appropriate clothing are definitely recommended. If one has managed to approach the game until shot distance, the professional hunter decides whether it is suitable or not. Shooting is done either via the target stick or from a natural pad. In any case, we think it is advisable to train different shooting techniques before the trip in order to avoid misses. For a follow-up or dead search well-trained dogs are of course always our companion.


If everything went well, then one will eventually be satisfied with his prey he hunted honestly.
P.S. If you are not so good on foot or even want to hunt a warthog at the waterhole, there is of course also the possibility of the seat .  We do everything so that you feel well cared for!


Important information: Leopard

The preparation is everything!

The hunt for the secret robber takes time

If you plan to hunt Leopard, please contact us in time. Of course, it may happen that you meet the cat by chance during a stalking and in the luckiest case comes to the shot, if everything fits.

That's not the rule. If you want to hunt the leopard at bait, the first thing you have to do is identify a strong, mature bird with traces and observations. Once the cat has been confirmed, the first bait must be used with the utmost caution at a suitable place. The experienced, old Leo inspects his environment very closely. If "something is wrong", he seeks another sphere directly and the opportunity is lost. 

Gradually, more bait must be applied until the situation has stabilized. Then the construction of a blind is started carefully. Again, great care is needed again. On the one hand, the cat must not be bothered, on the other hand, the blind must be strategically well built for a safe shot. Only when all these measures are completed, the absolutely soundless sitting can begin. With the smallest disturbance or the smallest noise, the cat is buried permanently.

We on Okondura have a very good population of the spotted cat and therefore a long grown experience in the hunt. In the last 5 years we have been able to successfully complete the launch. Give us the necessary lead time (about 3 months), so that we can help you in the happiest case to a very special hunting luck on this fascinating, but also very dangerous game.

As a rule, we only get 1 license per year! This has to be applied for in the previous year (in Namibia only 250 licenses / year are granted). Therefore please contact us in time!


Welcome to Okondura!

Okondura Namibia

Martina & Gerhard Liedtke

PO Box 186

tel: +264 - 62 - 503983
fax: +264 -088625636